To get your City or County involved:

If you do not live in our community, and would like to be a partner in our website, here is all you need to do:

#1.  Assemble a group of 4-5 local people who are committed to this unique project and willing to expend the time and energy putting together a Response webpage for your community.

#2.  Select two or three people (persons in real estate are good candidates).  These people will search the neighborhood, seeking hotels, motels and other appropriate sites which will welcome you and your pet(s) in the event of disaster.  The list must be updated from time to time.  The goal is to make immediately available the sites to which they will be directed.  

#3.  Schedule a meeting with your local Red Cross representative. Be prepared to explain the program, have them review the web site, and tell them that the Ventura County representative is participating. Once your local Red Cross agrees to participate, you are good to go!  The Red Cross will keep the lists of all the participating evacuation sites that you give them, and be able to disseminate the correct geographical information once disaster has struck.  

#4.  Please look at our Response page (which lists all the local organizations, phone numbers, and addresses).  Create a page for your community following our format.  Once this has been done, send the information to  We will review and post your listing on our web page.

#5.  Hopefully, you will issue some kind of press release which will direct people to this web site where they can get information on where to evacuate with their animals and download forms they will need when disaster strikes.

Do join us!