Pets Are Family, Too!

Fires… floods… earthquakes…
terrorist attacks… Disasters are imminent …
Don’t wait until tomorrow!

Are you and your pet(s) prepared for disaster?
The risk is real. If an evacuation is ordered, do you know what to do?
Where to go with your pet(s)?


  1. Keep your car well maintained. Never have less than half a tank of gas.
  2. Keep a battery-operated radio with extra batteries.
  3. For each pet, have a carrier with an ID tag attached. Keep in a convenient location.
  4. Have a leash and collar for each dog.
  5. All pet collars need I.D. tags, securely fastened, with two phone numbers - yours and a friend NOT in your neighborhood.
  6. Always keep a two-week supply of food, water, bowls and a can opener handy and ready to go.
  7. Prepare an evacuation kit (first-aid items, current medication). Keep organized and handy.
  8. If you have a cat(s), keep a litter box, a bag of litter and a few waste-disposal items. Keep handy.
  9. Make a list of phone numbers including veterinarians, animal shelters and your local Red Cross. Keep in an obvious place.
  10. Know where you and your pets can go. In a disaster, call 211. Develop an actual plan and find time to practice that plan.
  11. Arrange with a neighbor/friend/relative to evacuate your pets if you can't get home.
  12. The most important thing you can do now is to HAVE YOUR DOG AND CAT MICROCHIPPED AND REGISTERED.
It could be tomorrow… you can be ready! PLAN NOW! PREPARE NOW!


View and print 2-page English version flyer for distribution.

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